You have the focus and dedication but is something missing?

Regardless of what your goal may be (weight loss, bigger muscles, a faster marathon, impressive strength, more efficient cycling, or improved athleticism in any sport), it’s easy to feel like you should only focus on the workouts proven to get you there. However, that could lead to many problems!

While it is great to be spectacular in a specific activity, sport, or style of training, we must also take into consideration that our bodies will eventually adapt and become super-efficient at whatever the primary movements involved are. 

We must also understand that the other parts or systems of the body are being neglected, increasing the likelihood for muscle imbalances from overuse or over training.

An easy enough fix:

Break out of your routine by cross training once or twice a week. The change-up will round out your ability without hurting your specialty, while also enhancing your overall results.

Benefits of Classes at SMG:

  • Non-intimidating and Friendly Coaches available to teach you

  • Group Setting with hands on coaching

  • Excellent environment for Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced 

  • Fun training environment

  • Excellent form of exercise for overall fitness and strength training

  • State of the art equipment


Small group training is available

2x per week

(we will be adding more classes by demand)

One-hour Sessions :

Monday and Wednesday at 7:15 pm 


Come in and speak with one of our STAFF

to figure out which option is best for you.

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