Husband and wife, who are passionate about strength training.  It has been a long time goal of ours to create a space and build a community that will provide serious lifters with the tools they need to build on their strength goals.  


Michael Garozzo
Owner / Founder

Elite Level Powerlifter (181/198/93kg)  Raw (without wraps)

PRs:  620 squat, 355 bench, 735 deadlift



3rd Place @ Raw Unity Championships (RUM VIII @ 181)

1675 TOTAL @ RPS Heatwave (198)

6th Place USAPL Raw Nationals 2015 (93kg)

Arnold Classic / Pro Raw Challenge (March 4, 2016) Bronze Medal - 3rd Place (93 kg)

Prime time 93kg Session @ USAPL Raw Nationals 2016 

Sandra Garozzo  
Owner / Founder

Powerlifter 72kg Raw (without wraps)

PRs:  325 squat, 155 bench, 355 deadlift



1st Place @ RPS Heatwave July 2015: Women's Open 165 / Raw*

Competition Total: 705

Current Gym Total: 812


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