• All members and guests must Check-In with the front desk.  

  • Your membership MUST be current and up to date, if not please discuss with STAFF so they can make the appropriate notes, payments etc.

  • There is a Guest Fee of $20 Per Visit if you are Not a Member / Punch-card Holder.  (No Exceptions)

  • You are welcome to bring all your training gear, however anything you are not wearing or using should be in the cubbies provided or in your gym bag.  

* All gym bags must by placed against the wall, on the window ledge

or directly next to you at your station.  

If you leave your bags or belongings in the walkway or on equipment, it will be moved.


  • SMG is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any personal items left behind or missing.   If found, we will place it in the cubby and you can claim it next time you come.

  • ALL BARS MUST BE UNLOADED and PUT BACK after use.  Use the wire brushes to clean it off.  *Brushes are available near every Bar Holder. 

  • FOOD AND DRINK- Should be limited to Snacks, Bars,  and Bottled Beverages etc.  If you have Open beverages, you must empty them in the sink before throwing them in the garbage.  

  • ​SMG provides Foam Rollers, PVC Rollers, Pipes, Bands, Lacrosse Balls, and Softballs etc.  All are available for use by members.  These should all be put back where you got it from after use.  Should you accidentally take something home, remember to bring it back!  Stretching and rolling should be done in the back room, never in the walkways.

  • Respect the Equipment, Gym, and your Fellow Lifters:

       -  Always use safety straps/bars/ arms.

       -  Ask for Spotters!!  (Dropped Bars = Bent and damaged bars) STAFF and Members are Happy to Help!

       -  Chalk is permitted.  However, excessive chalk is unnecessary. 

       -  Baby Powder use is limited to Meets and ONLY in designated areas. If you feel you need it during training, you                must apply it outside and wipe any excess off the platform  and equipment when done. 

       -  Filming is permitted.  However, respect the space, equipment, and other lifters.  

       -  Anything you use and move you will return to its original spot.  


       -  Clean up after yourself.

       -  Wipe down equipment after use.

       -  Personal Hygiene is Necessary!! 


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