6 Week Program | Meets 1x per week

One-hour Sessions | Wednesdays at 6pm

Start Date: June 14, 2017


*SMG Membership required for access to the gym outside of one hour session

"Powerlifting 102"

A 6-Week Program, a continuation of our 101 class, that will coach you through the basics of Powerlifting.

Have you considered getting stronger, learning how to Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift?

Our excellent trainers will coach you on how to properly perform the 3 main lifts and accessory movements. This program focuses more on progressing and fine tuning your form and individual strengths and weaknesses. 

All of the movements chosen are designed to complement your technique and overall strength. 


This program will provide you with the instruction you need to properly execute the lifts safely and with correct form.  The trainers will also provide you with some programming that you can do on your own.



  • Non-intimidating, Friendly Coaches available to teach you at your pace

  • Group Setting with One on One coaching

  • Excellent environment for Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced Lifters

  • Fun training environment

  • Excellent form of exercise for overall fitness and strength training


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