Personalized Programming

SMG Powerlifting offers individual coaching via our affiliation with one of the most sought out coaches in the industry.  We have partnered with Reactive Training Systems (RTS) to provide our members access to top level coaching that will allow them to advance their progress with help from the best of the best. 

The testimonials speak for themselves,

“8/9 1675 total @ 198 w/o wraps in my last meet.  Since starting RTS 18 months ago, I've put 120 lbs on my squat, 65 lbs on my bench and 140 lbs on my deadlift. My competition total increased by 325 lbs.  I managed to accomplish this while still staying under 200 lbs and I completely removed the use of knee wraps. Couldn’t be happier with my progress.” -- Mike Garozzo

If you'd like to read more comments from athletes using RTS, check the Athlete Comments page! 

Our services provide practical and methodical powerlifting knowledge to athletes who are serious about reaching the next level in powerlifting.  Taught by World Champion Mike Tuchscherer (founder) and supported by other top coaches and athletes from around the world, RTS teaches proven strategies and systems based on years of experience, trial and error, and top level competitions.


If you are wondering if personalized programming is for you, here are some steps that might help you decide.


Step 1: Sign up for the Newsletter!  Reactive Training Systems offers a free newsletter with tips and insight. 


Step 2:  Learn the basics of RTS


Step 3:  If you want to accelerate your progress, sign up for *Guided Programming through SMG Powerlifting.  Take advantage of decades of experience right away.  Start making progress with the ease of local coaches that can help monitor and individualize your programming.


*Guided Programming: Learn more about the process, ask plenty of questions, retain more control. This programming gets you top quality inputs to start you off with an excellent base.

Please speak with the Staff at SMG Powerlifting, for more information on how to sign up
and get started with your programming.
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