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SMG POWERLIFTING is a privately owned training facility that refined the idea of old school barbell training by providing the environment needed to help individuals reach their goals.  As the owners, both female and male powerlifters, our goal was to find the right balance between the "hardcore gym" and a place where all strength focused lifters and all skill levels would feel at home.


After a decade of working out at commercial gyms, studios, and even our own home gym we felt it was time to expand.  Over the years we gained an enormous amount of insight on the different types of training methods there are.  More importantly, we understand that there are different tools needed to achieve one's individual goals.  

Our facility was designed with the experienced lifter in mind but made it accessible to all skill levels and anyone interested in strength training. We carry all the newest and best competition level equipment so that, in your everyday training, you have access to the same tools used by professionals around the globe.  

We modeled SMG after the type of training center we would want to be part of and proud of. While our professional backgrounds provide us with the ingenuity we need to run a top quality training center, we still know how much fun it is to let go and push yourself to the next level.  We value members who will show respect and support for one another and whose goals are to work towards being the strongest version of themselves.

Our community is our trademark.  We offer a professional, supportive, and encouraging environment where we promote individual gains and friendly competition to help motivate and push ourselves to the next level.  

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