Q:   I'm new to Powerlifting and would like some training or coaching, does SMG offer this?

A:   We do have various options available in terms of trainers, coaching/programming and an orientation / evaluation session. 

If you were looking for something a little more hands on, we do have Personal Trainers on staff who specialize in Powerlifting.   

SMG also offers Programming via RTS. You can find detailed information about programming under the Programming section. 

RTS programming is an additional service, outside of your SMG membership.  We act as an affiliate and as first level support for questions regarding your program and execution of lifts etc.  

RTS provides online tools, interactive support forums, and monthly calls/ meetings with Mike Tuchscherer and other RTS coaches. RTS programming is $99 a month.   

Lastly, SMG is very much a learning atmosphere where everyone is looking to grow and help others grow.   Your peers at the gym will likely be able to give you feedback as well, I'd just say you would need to keep in mind that everyone's time is valuable.  

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